Get Ready for The Wife Swapping Golfers

OK, I know how it sounds, but I assure you this isn't a salacious excerpt from a John Updike novel. Neither is it an intro to the headline act at an upcoming swinger's convention.

It's actually a casting call and it may apply to you...and yours. I received an email from a casting director earlier today. She's looking for "Golf Families" for ABC's Wife Swap. Which is one of the better reality shows IMO. It's the one where two women from drastically different families change places and live each other's lives for seven days.

For this particular episode they want one of the moms to be golf obsessed. As in: your life revolves around getting to a tee time, golf lesson, or driving range and sharing golf with your family. The chosen family will receive a generous financial honorarium.

So, if that's you... and you're interested, please send me an email...with your email, so I can send it on to the casting director who'll then contact you.

You can always find me here: thegolfgirl@gmail.com