Solheim 2009 - Kerr-Creamer Butt-fives Criticized

Solheim Day two of is dawning in Sugar Grove (I love that name) with clear skies and the home team ahead by one.

Day one was long but compelling; a winning finish by the star pairing of Cristie Kerr and Paula Creamer - after a battle that lasted almost six hours - set the tone for the day.

Down early on, Ms. Creamer's 45 foot birdie putt on 16 followed by Ms. Kerr's birdies on 17 and 18, turned the day around. These ladies showed the collected golf fans...on site and on-line... what teamwork is all about.

However, there were some who did not appreciate the... enthusiasm... of the American players.

Lindsey Willhite writing for the Daily Herald said, "I Can't say I'm enchanted by the "butt-fives" that Cristie Kerr and Paula Creamer are sharing, but whatever works. If it makes Joe Sixpack tune in, fine by me."

It's fine by me too, and I'm looking forward to day two in Sugar Grove.

[Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images]