Art, Nudity and The Golf Widows of Paul Milosevich

They gaze placidly out of windows onto the verdurous fairways and immaculate greens of anonymous golf courses.

One of them appears to be playing a half-hearted hand of solitaire - with a tableau of playing cards set out before her - while another clutches in her hand a leaflet for the tournament that has presumably commandeered her companion.

As for the landscapes, they vary somewhat; from the distinctly western, red rock towers of Sedona and Santa Fe, to the lush, green mountains of Kauai. Then there's the portrait playfully named "Grand Tetons" in which you probably didn't even notice the Wyoming Mountain Range.

The subjects are all women...and the women are all unabashedly naked. They're the Golf Widows; a series of female nudes by painter Paul Milosevich, a contemporary Southwestern artist with a lifelong passion for golf.

In addition to this provocative series of oil paintings, dedicated, as the artist explains, to remembering the "Ladies left behind", Mr. Milosevich has painted many facets of the game of golf. His work hangs many national museums and a number of golf venues, including the USGA Museum, The PGA of America and the World Golf Hall of Fame. Paul Milosevich was also the Official Portrait Artist for 1999 U.S. Ryder Cup Team and has illustrated a number of golf books. ...But back to the wistful Golf Widows.

Their postures and facial expressions do appear to reflect a subtle longing, but are these girls pining for a lover who left them behind for a day on the links...or are they strategizing their own shots and anticipating a game of their own?

As an Art History major, I learned to visually analyze a painting, and I believe it's the latter. These are Golf Girls and they're looking forward to getting out and playing 18. They just need to put some clothes on first.

Images: Paul Milosevich -Top, "The Searchers"- Below, My Sticks