Japanese Golf Fashion Just Keeps Getting Cuter

Much as I'd like to, I can't seem to outgrow my affinity for Japanese cuteness. My Japanese friends all have... but not me. In fact, they sometimes refer to me derisively as "Queen of Kawaii". Coming from them, that translates roughly to "Immature Dork".

There are however, lots of cute-obsessed souls in the world and many of them will be happy to hear that como!come! a company I wrote about over two years ago, now has an English language web site, where they can check out... and order... the latest designs.

In addition to their beautiful bags and awesome cartoony club covers, como!come! now offers some apparel items. And naturally, the styles are ultra-cute. As illustrated in this fun little video. Warning! Excessive Cuteness Ahead:

There... was that cute enough for you?

Oh, and I'm not the only US blogger writing about this colorful company. The always entertaining Golf Babes wrote about como!come! and young Australian golfer, Marousa Polias who's representing their line. Also, the enigmatic Double Glover, a relatively new and rather prolific golf blogger, with an eye for the cool and unusual, featured their Baby-Tail Clip not long ago.

Too much cute? I don't think so, that would be the domain of Hello Kitty and even the Queen of Kawaii can't handle that much sugar.