The FedEx Cup's Unpredictably Predictable Outcome

I think that's a fair assesment, don't you? Because although the end result was exactly what one might have predicted at the start of the season... Tiger Woods winning the cup and Phil Mickelson in second... the route that led there was actually quite circuitous.

To the extent that the cup was up for grabs - under a number of different scenarios - till almost the very end.

As Shane Bacon put it, writing for Fanhouse earlier this evening,
"...this thing was back and forth all day. Steve Stricker had a chance to win the whole thing. So did Sean O'Hair. Even Mickelson, who needed Tiger to finish eighth even with his win, looked like it wasn't completely out of reach as Woods continued to miss birdie putts and Phil continued to make his (at one point in the round, Phil had eight straight one-putts)."
I don't think I need to mention that Lefty's last couple of months have been somewhat abysmal. So when you consider that he ultimately clinched the series-ending Tour Championship for his Fedex Cup second place... and did so with a breathtaking run of birdies...after an inauspicious + 3 starting round... well, you see what I mean by unpredictable. Then the dust settles this afternoon on that perfectly intact Tiger/Phil-rivalry-set-up for 2010. That's what I mean by predictable.

Despite the twists and turns of decidedly odd 2009 season, we all knew it would turn out this way, right?