Phil Mickelson's End-of-Season Style Statement

No matter what you think of the one affectionately known as FIGJAM, there's no denying he finished the season with a flourish.

In doing so he undoubtedly lightened the hearts of PGA honchos... and (temporarily) muted even the most vocal Fedex Cup critics. But few remarked on the subtle changes to Mr. Mickelson's look that added to the impact of his dramatic comeback.

A few of the elements that contributed to Mr. Mickelson's improved aesthetic are pictured above as follows (l to r):

A leaner waistline : This allowed for the wearing of a close-to-the-body, eurostyle shirt without the ridicule that ensued earlier in the season. The choice of a traditional dark belt (after his daring dalliance with The Full Cleveland proved disastrous) demonstrates Mickelson's return to restraint. Or possibly a final warning from fashion police.

The surprising shiny trousers : You may not have noticed, but Phil's trousers yesterday had a distinct and delightful sheen to them. It was subtle, hence way under-reported. In fact, kudos to the awesome new apparel blog, Chapeau Noir for highlighting... and celebrating... this playful departure from the traditional.

The astonishing absence of
Moobs : Mr. Mickelson's pecs were nearly impeccable yesterday, undoubtedly another happy result of his leaner physique. For a guy who made runner-up on the Best Moobs in Sports list and once earned the nickname Moobs Mickelson, this is an impressive transformation, and if maintained will allow Phil to wear the edgier, body-hugging shirts that define today's buff and stylish professional golfers.

So, professionally... and stylistically... the golf season ended on the up for Phil, and as many of the golf scribes noted, that gives us something sweet to look forward to in 2010.