A Female's Guide to Guys on the Golf Course

For quite a while I've wanted to write a simple guide for female golfers.

I'm not talking about a guide to the fundamentals of putting, or a guide to female-friendly courses... not this time, anyway. What I've been hoping to create is a comprehensive guide to the varied and fascinating male species that inhabit the average golf course.

Unfortunately, I've had to keep putting this important project on hold for lack of time, and that's been very frustrating.

Well, today I came upon a excellent blog post on, the popular social network for golfers. The writer is a girl named Sylla who appears to be a proficient golfer as well as a good writer. The piece, called "Men on the golf course (a woman's perspective)" provides a nice breakdown of the main "Golf Course Male" categories and her list includes:

1- The Daddy 2- The Flirt 3- The Couple 4- The Macho 5- The Nice Guy

Sylla provides a detailed description of each, as well as engaging stories of actual encounters with some of them. So have a look at Sylla's blog over on Stracka. BTW, While you're there you may want to check out Sylla's provocative post on Golf Course Females.

Yep, she's an equal opportunity analyzer.