Vijay Singh and His Uncharacteristically Crappy Season

Yes, crappy. That word was used by the Big Fijian himself to describe a decidedly lackluster 2009.

I took these photos in mid-June at The Travelers Championship. The summer was young and it still seemed possible that the three-time major winner might turn things around and end the season with accolades. After all, he did just that in 2008 when his first win didn't come till August.

But 2009 began with knee surgery... from which in retrospect, he acknowledges he may have come back too soon. A series of ... inauspicious... events followed, and led him here; to the waning days of this crappy season.

Vijay won't be present at The Tour Championship this year. Multiple missed cuts and nary a win have seen to that. And it's unfortunate, not only for me, and his other fans, but... I'd venture to say... for anyone attending the upcoming tournament at East Lake.

Because the thing is... Vijay Singh, whatever one might think of him, and however much one might hate him, is one of the most captivating players in the world to watch. And as extraordinary as his swing may be, that's not what I'm talking about here.

What I'm referring to is his physical presence; his body language, the way he moves and stands and...breathes. Yes. Even in the simplest gestures he projects an inborn physical grace. It's completely natural, but appears almost theatrical. If you've only seen him on television you're probably wondering what I'm talking about, because it doesn't translate well to the screen, where he often looks bored and aloof. It doesn't come across in interviews or posed photos either.

But at a tournament, when Vijay approaches a green the spectators collectively notice something more than just the man. It's palpable, and it's something you must see in person. If you have I'm quite sure you'll agree with me.

In a couple of weeks Vijay will be playing in the President's Cup and recently announced he'll play in the Australian PGA Championship in early December. Some say he'll do whatever he can to avoid a win-less 2009. At that point they usually bring up his age.

Then there are fans like me. We're just happy to see Vijay put the crappy season behind him. And we're 100% sure he'll be back on top in 2010 even if he is 46 years old. Because... he's Vijay.

Vijay Singh at the 2009 Travelers Championship ❀ Photos: Golf Girl Media