Growing Golf - A New Golf Blog for Women on Course

I've written about Women on Course before; it's the awesome golf networking organization that's been introducing and connecting women to golf...and the golf lifestyle... in a really fun way, for a couple of years now. Their golf events take place nationally and include golf and lifestyle speakers, stylish golf apparel and myriad opportunities to learn and play the game.

And here's the thing about Women On Course; they're among the rare golf organizations that understands... and embraces... the one concept that will allow golf to grow, particularly among women, in coming years: the little-known fact that, guess what? you don’t have to spend five hours on the course to really enjoy golf and take advantage of it's networking and social benefits.

This is exactly what I try to communicate to the many women I meet who say they'd like to take up golf... but have been turned off by tales of the extremely long learning curve and five hour rounds. Ironically, there's been little support for this concept from most golf organizations, so it's great to see Women on Course actually celebrating it.

And now Women on Course is blogging. In addition to their great website where you can: find out about and register for events, become a member and social network with other members, and shop for a well edited selection of cool and unusual golf items... there's now a blog that brings the Women on Course attitude to life and invites interaction. Weather it's a simple golf tip or an etiquette issue explained or a description of on of the WoC events it'll give you added insight into this new golf world where the game becomes part of fun and fulfilling lifestyle.