Remarkable Ryo Ishikawa - Best Dressed Golfer of 2009


The above tableau presents just a few of the creative color combinations worn by Japan's phenomenal young star, Ryo Ishikawa.

The captivating colors of Ryo... are pure and bold. And they leave no doubt about the shy golfer's underlying confidence. Though never pompous or haughty, the soft spoken seventeen year old doesn't hesitate to take chances with his strong style statements.

When the superlative Shane Bacon asked me to weigh in on "golf's most fashionable in 2009" for a series on the best of 2009 at Fanhouse, I immediately thought of the one they call "the Bashful Prince".

Ryo's English is still very limited, but as the video below illustrates he is attempting to learn... and in the meantime, not afraid to try. And if you're puzzling over the pronunciation of his name, Ryo shows you how it's done.