Sexy Sun Protection for Golfers - Sergio Garcia's Mission

As I was perusing the aisles of my local CVS recently, something seemed slightly out-of-context.

Like many suburban Americans I find myself in that store almost everyday, seduced by its predictable convenience and ample product offering.

On such shopping trips I rarely pay attention to the in-store sound system as it placidly pumps out a blend light favorites and cheery voice-overs for the latest toothpaste or cold medicine. However, when I heard Sergio Garcia's name mentioned (on the heels of a lilting Neil Diamond instrumental) the other day I did take notice.

Turns out the cheery voice guy was talking about Mission Skincare. It's a new line of skincare products... and Sergio Garcia is one of its co-founders. So is Serena Williams.

That being the case, I was actually motivated to investigate further, and what I discovered was a panoply of products many of them sun-related. Being 100% Irish myself, sun protection has always been a total necessity for me. I've tried every SPF product and as a huge fan of the golden tan, I'm sometimes referred to as the queen of the orange skinned aliens self-tanners.

What I found in the Mission Skincare line that I really liked was the Anti-Sting Sunscreen SPF 30+ Facestick (easy to apply and really doesn't sting) and the Fast-Drying Sunscreen SPF 30+ Spray (ultra-easy application and no-mess quickness). The SPF 15 Lip Balmers come in lots of amazing flavors too.

Other awesome stars from a wide variety of sports are involved with Mission Skincare as well; soccer icon Mia Hamm, swimmer Amanda Beard, skateboard phenom Ryan Sheckler and many more. A team that can even make sun protection sexy and that's saying something.

Oh, and by the way, Serena's pomegranate is much tastier than Sergio's mint. IMHO.