LPGA Golfers: Bombastic or Boring? ...Or Just Right?

Presumably, a personality is shaped by a number of things.

These days most psychologists feel that personality is the result of the "interaction between hereditary factors and cultural, social and situational ones".

I don't know about you, but when I try to alter my personality... so it'll better fit in at an event, or to appeal to a potential employer... it usually doesn't work well. I tend to get distracted by the charade and lose focus altogether.

That's why I find it so counter-productive when writers rant about player personalities.

Yesterday Suzann Pettersen achieved a sweet victory at the CN Canadian Women's Open. It was her first since 2007, the breakout season when she won five times. When I read Eric Francis's suggestion - in - that Pettersen had "shortchanged fans with her lack of flair", adding that "colourless winners like Pettersen do little to help the LPGA's cause". I found it annoying and presumptious particularly coming on the heels of the Solheim Cup where Christina Kim, a player with a more... demonstrative... style, had been criticized by a number of golf writers for her excitable on-course persona and emotional, "in-your-face actions.

Personally, I don't want Suzann Pettersen to try to be more like Cristina Kim... nor do I want to see Cristina Kim "put on" a more sedate personality. I like them both just the way they are and I'm pretty sure they play their best golf that way. I'd suggest that some of these golf writers might be better off celebrating the diverse personalities of the LPGA players and enjoying the amazing golf they play... as themselves.

Photos: Suzann Pettersen by Hunter Martin, Cristina Kim by Scott Halleran © Getty Images