Share Your Golf Everest - Champion's Video Contest

You may have heard of Robie Vaughn. He's the intrepid golfer from Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas, Texas, who climbed Mt. Everest, reached the summit, and hit several balls... into thin air. He even designed the special three-piece golf club he used for the feat. It fit perfectly into his backpack is now part of a USGA exhibit with Alan Sheppard's club from the moon.

Mr. Vaughn's Golf Everest was literally Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on earth. You may not be considering a trek to the Himalayas any time soon but if you're passionate about golf, chances are you have your own Golf Everest. It might well be more modest than Robie Vaughn's, but it might also be a thousand times more ambitious.

Your Golf Everest could be the milestone number you've been struggling to get under on your score card or a legendary course you long to play. Maybe it's a personal record, or... something more abstract, like a golf invention or idea you wish you could share with the world.

Whatever your own personal Golf Everest may be, Champion Sportswear has a way for you to share it, and possible win $10,000 to help you achieve it. The athletic apparel company is sponsoring What's Your Everest? (I added the Golf because...we're all golfers here, right?). There asking for personal videos or essays about goals and ambitions and aspirations... about what you most want to achieve. The summit - so to speak - of your dreams.

Champion, BTW, makes my absolute favorite golf skirt. It's actually more of a skort than a skirt and it's sometimes referred to as a running skort or a training skort. I just call it "my Champion golf skirt" and I have a half dozen of them. I think that makes me something of an authority on this particular garment. Anyway they're inexpensive, uber-comfortable and fashionably short. I'm not the only golfer who's a fan either. The awesome Ashley Mayo from Golf Digest Woman wrote a piece on Champion Skirts earlier this summer.

Anyway... to get back to Everest... the great thing about this contest is that it encourages entrants to examine their goals maybe get back to work on some that have been abandoned. I know it's had that effect on me, in fact, I'm working on a video right now about my own Golf Everest.

So what does that that mythical mountain represent for you? Now's your chance to let the world know.