Labor Day Golf Dispatches from the Middle East.

Just this morning Nick got an email from the Arabian desert.

It just so happens his BFF, is a translator for US Army and currently stationed "somewhere in the Middle East".

John-O sent the dispatch to say "thanks" for the the golf equipment Nick, and other friend, sent over recently.

"The troops are putting it to good use on those all-too-rare occasions when some form of golf is actually possible" he wrote, adding that, "this usually implies hitting balls from a makeshift desert driving range, or carrying around a swatch of AstroTurf and a flagstick, to simulate a golf experience...of sorts".

Needless to say, Tillinghast would not approve of the course conditions.

For the guys and gals serving in the Middle East however, entertainment options are limited, and the equipment, even as used in these less-than-optimal conditions, is much appreciated.

Back here in the US this Labor Day weekend, there's a way golfers can support the families of military men and women who've been disabled or killed while serving our country. Thousands of golf courses are charging an extra $1 for tee times in support of Patriot Golf Day, the flagship fundraiser for the Folds of Honor Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for the children and spouses of fallen soldiers.

If you're off to the beach - or to one last summer barbecue - and don't have time for golf, you can still contribute at the Folds of Honor site.

Best Labor Day Wishes to all.