Birdie Sisters Erica & Myah Jackson, Golf's Future Stars

If you haven't heard of Erica and Myah Jackson yet, it's only a matter of time.

In fact, I'll go further than that and say that before the next decade is through, there's a very good chance they'll be be major golf stars, ...and with all the talk lately of promising young Americans, these girls are one more double-dose of hope for women's golf in the years to come.

The Birdie Sisters, as Erica and Myah are known by a growing group of fans, live in the Chicago area, and at 11 and 9 respectively, they've each clinched their age group's Midwest Golf Association National Champion title. Which by itself is impressive. But that's not the half of it.

Erica and Myah are multi-faceted and multi-talented. Black belts in Tae Kwan Do, pianists and students of ballet... on the family page of sister's website, their ultra full life outside of golf is featured in family snapshots, along with photos from tournaments, lessons and practice sessions.

Oh, and the sisters are excellent students too. ...and really pretty, ...and really nice.

Yes, the these young ladies definitely qualify as exceptional. However, without a family to guide, nurture and encourage them, their talents might have gone unnoticed. Luckily, the Birdie Sisters have a super supportive family in parents, Marsha and Eric ... and adorable little bro, John.

The Birdie Sisters have a website where you can follow their progress in golf, check out the equipment they're using and get a glimpse into the many other activities they're involved in. You can also follow them on Facebook. Yep, Social Media savvy too.


  1. These sisters are great. I'm glad to see they're working so hard with their Dad and learning to win. I can't wait to see them playing with the LPGA.

  2. There's no denying that the LPGA is going to need to keep charismatic young talent like these sisters in the pipeline for the future of their tour. That should be a major initiative now. Ten years passes quickly.

  3. I hope they don't get burnout like some of the tennis players. That is a risk but it looks like they parents are doing good with them so far.

  4. Hopefully they're on the LPGA radar and getting some support. The tour is going to need to groom exciting players for future survival and these girls fit that bill perfectly.

  5. I don't get it. I can't get my girls to take piano OR ballet lessons, never mind the two of them plus golf. All they're interested in at the moment is the Jonas Brothers. At least they're good students, but I wish they could be inspired by the Birdie Sisters :)

  6. There are hundreds of Birdie Twins out there. We just have to find them.

  7. Patricia, what a nice, heartwarming post. Great to see these two out there working and playing hard. they are the future of golf...and could they be any cuter!

  8. Thanks for sharing a great girl story...I love all sport s that girls/women are into.



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