Luke Donald, in Awesome Pants, Leads at Dunhill (updated)

OK first of all the pants:

A dashing black/red tartan, worn with a solid black sweater and accessories. The stylish slacks definitely generated some buzz on this chilly fall Sunday. Saturday's round was suspended due to high winds leading to the Monday finish tomorrow.

Mr. Donald, not known as a flamboyant type, matched the lowest round of his European Tour Career with a eight-under-par 64. He's now got a one-stroke lead over Rory McIlroy and Simon Dyson. He admitted he was happy to have played well while wearing trousers that were so outrageous. He wore them, by the way, in honor of his father, who is Scottish.

So can Luke Donald finish this up on a high note? We'll soon find out... and hopefully this isn't the last we'll see Mr. Donald's new style sense.

Update: Hmmm. The boys are on the back nine and, as far as Mr. Donald is concerned, things aren't looking as good as they did yesterday. He's lost some ground on the leaderboard and his trousers are decidedly more subdued. They're black and I'm quite certain they match his mood right now. Simon Dyson has taken over the lead followed by a four-way tie for second shared by Oliver Wilson, Richie Ramsay (cute name), Rafeal Cabrerra-Bello (cute guy) and the precocious Rory McIlroy. It's only then that Luke Donald's name appears in a tie for 6th with Ross McGowan. At even par on the 14th, he's five shots back, and a long way from the bright red tartan brilliance of yesterday.

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  1. I LOVE the look. I don't think the pants are outrageous at all. They're more of a twist on a classic.

    Mr. Donald wears it very well!

  2. Well Heather, Mr.Donald has the reputation for being a bit, shall we say, dull. He'd consider anything with a hint of color outrageous. (He does have a gorgeous Greek American wife, tho - and she's not dull at all)

  3. Even *I* could wear that look...

  4. He looks like a Bay City Roller!!
    I am a Scot and nobody and I mean nobody in their right mind would wear those in Scotland! Along with Poulter he looks like a...well I'm not going to say but you get the picture.


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