Cupcake Carts - Coming to a Golf Course Near You?

Here in New England winter is fast approaching. The autumn leaves are aglow, there's a nip in the air and... The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out.

A friend of mine, who works in the fashion industry, brought her copy to the golf course yesterday. Our plan was to peruse its glossy pages on the terrace, after our twilight round. And that's what we looked forward to as we searched for our balls in the fallen leaves played.

Last year as I recall, there was an opulent yacht, a personal submarine and life-size Lego statues, but the best prize by far was the Jack Nicklaus backyard course. Discerning golf blogger Heather Jones wrote about it in Real Women Golf. It included a round with The Bear himself and cost a mere $1 million. Heather had it on her list, but in the end I don't think Mr. Claus delivered. (I guess we can presume Ms. Jones was a little bit naughty somewhere along the line)

Anyway, yesterday, despite the lingering recession, we were expecting to find something breathtaking and delightful that we'd talk about throughout the holiday season... something golf-oriented if possible.

The book was lighter than usual, and that was the first bad sign. Then we noticed almost half the gifts cost less than $250, and lots of them were... um...practical. Bad and Bad. Wasn't it obvious that we didn't spend all year looking forward to the Neiman's Christmas book for affordable and practical !?! We have Wal*Mart for that.

So, we half-heartedly flipped through the abbreviated volume in search of over-the-top golf items. Silver golf ball cuff links for $325, a Ferragamo golf tie for $160, a Leather Golf Ball Carrier for $195...we were underwhelmed, to say the least.

And then we saw the Cupcake Cars... and the world was suddenly right again. At $25,000 the price the price is just enough to qualify as ridiculously expensive. After all, it's just made out of plywood and cloth. And OK, though they're not designed for the golf course we could easily imagine how they might be adapted to accommodate a golf bag. We'd turn the Cup Cake Car into a Cup Cake Cart! And what an impression it would make on that frowning foursome of golf curmudgeons we often encounter on our course...especially since the cupcake's top speed is just 7mph.

So, the Cup Cake Car is officially the 2009 Neiman Marcus golf Object-of-Our-Desires... and it even comes with a matching hat. How sweet is that?