El Castelló Masters ProAm - Sergio Garcia & Rafa Nadal

A couple of weeks ago - on the day it was announced that golf would be included in the 2016 Olympic games - Sergio Garcia declared that he wanted to win an Olympic gold medal, like his friend Rafael Nadal.

Mr. Nadal, you may remember, gave Spain their first Olympic gold medal, in tennis, at the 2008 games in Beijing.

It's quite clear that these two athletes have a lot in common; in addition to homeland, they've each got masses of dedicated fans, and each excels in a sport dominated by a single, way-dominant, record-breaking superstar.

The two steamy Spaniards were on the sun-dappled fairways of Club de Campo del Mediterraneo today, for the Castello Masters Pro Am. Sergio was the host, after all, Castellon is his hometown, and he's the defending champion. His Dad and Mom are both very much a part of Club del Campo, and it's where Sergio got his start. The family was instrumental in the planning and execution of this event and were there to greet the players and cheer them on. Sergio's Dad even participated in the Pro Am... as Senor Nadal's caddie. The ambiance of this Pro Am is fun and easy-going.

Fans were out in force. Particularly fans of the... female persuasion, and one of the funniest moments came on the eighth hole as Mr. Nadal approached the green. An enthusiastic female admirer called out to him, "Rafa you're so handsome!"... and added, "Your mother did a great job." Of course everyone laughed... though she probably could have left off the part about his mother.

The tournament begins tomorrow, There's an ultra-exciting field including Angel Cabrera who's come in from Bermuda after playing in the PGA Grand Slam. Talk about jet lag and sleep deprivation, right? You've got to hope he'll take a page from fellow Grand Slam guy Y.E. Yang and grab a nap somewhere. If anyone can handle it, it's Angel, but still.

I'll be bring you notes on the action from Spain over the next couple of days. The amazing, totally awesome guys from Fuera des Limites will be sending daily dispatches. @PabloHerrero sent me his on-site observations, today. Follow him and his fabulous FdL co-scribe @Ovidiov... for informative Tweets in Spanish and English.