Adoring Female Fans Covet Ryo Ishikawa's Balls

OK, I'll admit it, I've developed a bit of a Ryo Ishikawa obsession over the past couple of months. I love his colorful personal style and charming shyness, and I've discussed both on the pages of this blog. Over-discussed, some might say. But true Ryo fans...and I know there are lots of them out there...can't get enough of the Bashful Prince.

In fact, RyoMania has reached outrageous new levels in Japan. To the extent that it practically derailed the Japan Open on Sunday. At the sixth hole young Ryo hit a slightly errant tee shot. It veered towards a section where spectators were gathered and suddenly an enraptured female fan just grabbed the ball... before it had even stopped rolling. Apparently there was a minor riot when other fans tried to intervene... the guilty groupie panicked... screaming ensued the story is here. It illustrates a possible downside to rock star popularity. And I think Ryo's going to have to get used to it.