Melody Barnes - Golf Girl/Chief Domestic Policy Adviser


It's being spun by some as the crumbling of a "golf glass ceiling"... which is thoroughly ridiculous, but certainly more likely to attract readers than if they'd called it... say... "a Sunday round of golf". ~ So yes...I get that.

It's also possible that there may have been a slight political agenda behind the accusations of sexism and "fostering a frat-boy atmosphere" that were directed at the Obama White House after an all-male basketball game earlier this month... but I'm not even going to speculate on that.

The fact is, Melody Barnes joined President Barack Obama and a couple of other "dudes" (that's what frat-boys call each other), for golf yesterday afternoon at the U.S. Army's Fort Belvoir course. And it was the first time the President has included a female in his foursome in... like... a year. (in which time he's played probably a half dozen eight times at most)

Ms. Barnes is the president’s chief domestic policy adviser and considered one of the best dressed women in Washington. Back a couple of years ago when she was executive vice president for policy at the Center for American Progress, she spoke to about her personal style and shoppping habits. She even admits to having once worn purple, crushed-velvet hip-hugger bell bottoms.

The outfit she wore for golf yesterday was decidedly understated, a navy turtleneck and lean white trousers, she wore it well however and it would be awesome to see more of her out on the fairways and greens of the nation's capital now that she's smashed that "grass ceiling".