Some Overlooked Elements of Golf Course Etiquette

It's always been my conviction that an intimate understanding of etiquette is all one really needs to be able to get out onto a golf course and have fun... without diminishing anyone else's fun in the process.

One problem with this theory however, is that many folks think they know golf course etiquette... they think they wrote the book on it... but they're actually clueless about some really key elements. ~ Another more common problem is all the folks who do, in fact, know their etiquette, but "forget" or "selectively ignore" any rules that don't jive with their particular mood at the time.

Today I came across an interesting post on this subject by Shane Bacon, an attractive young golf blogger based in AZ, who also dabbles in caddying for LPGA players and valiant attempts to qualify for major tournaments. Yes, he's ultra-talented and hyper-busy but evidently he knows how to multi-task because his blog is always fresh and frequently brilliant.

Anyway, enough about Shane for now. His post "The First Annual DTCC Guide To Conducting Yourself on a Golf Course" presents a number of the more frequently abused rules ... written and unwritten... for ensuring that everyone has a pleasant day on the course.

It's an eye-opener too, because you'll undoubtedly recognize most of the behaviors as ones you've encountered... or perhaps even ones you've practiced yourself, in which case hopefully, like Shane, you'll try and avoid them as you grow older.

BTW - Check the comments section for additional user-generated etiquette infractions. You may even want add a couple.