Rickie Fowler's Edfors-Inspired Look Book


There's no question Rickie Fowler's rise has been meteoric. He wasn't there at all... and then was everywhere. Just like that.

Right now he's getting ready for his third PGA Tour event as a pro, the Viking Classic. In the first two - both earlier this month - he finished seventh and second, earning $553,700. He could actually win his tour card if he does well in the final couple of events of the season... totally bypassing Q-school.The golf blogging world loves Rickie-Fowler-type stories so he's gotten tons of coverage.

In addition to his prodigious golf game, Rickie Fowler has a rather unique personal style. He certainly doesn't embrace the "typical American golfer" look, by which I mean: the "look" you don't see. ~ "I want people to talk about my golf not my clothes", some pros say, but Rickie doesn't have to worry about that. People definitely talk about his golf.

Rickie is a PUMA golfer. He signed with the popular sportlifestyle brand a month ago, and most agree it's a pretty stellar match. He wears the fun, functional line well. Like many of us he's worn PUMA golf styles for quite a while, and in my opinion, the multi-cultural Mr. Fowler prefers to reference a Euro-inspired style book.

When I first saw Mr. Fowler wearing PUMA I immediately thought of another awesome PUMA guy, Swedish golfer Johan Edfors. Everything from his hair cut (or lack thereof), to his preferred color palettes, to the particular PUMA elements he favors, reminds me of Mr. Edfors. Other PUMA golfers wear the line in a decidedly different way. Take Geoff Ogilvy, for example: He looks great in PUMA too, but his version is very different, more classic, in keeping with his own style. Which demonstrates the versatility of the PUMA line.

Oh... as far as his swing is concerned, Mr. Fowler said he patterned that after another Euro: Sergio Garcia. You may wish to look for such influences this weekend.