Buyer Declares Golf Glove a Bargain at $350,000

"a fairly good discount"

Those were the actual words used by Hoffman Ma to describe the price he paid over the weekend for a single golf glove ...and by the way, when you add in taxes and fees it'll come to $420,000.

Surprising? Not really, when the glove in question is the one Michael Jackson wore on his left hand the when he premiered his iconic moonwalk.

The "rhinestone-studded, modified golf glove" from Michael Jackson's performance on Motown's 25th anniversary TV special was part of a collection of MJ memorabilia sold at auction over the past several days in New York.

The buyer is CEO of Ponte 16, a hotel/casino resort complex in Macau. It doesn't look like he'll be showing it off on the golf course however. Mr. Ma announced it would become part of the hotel's "King of Pop Collection".

And that's probably for the best, all those stones would surely have a negative effect on one's grip.
Photo: Julien's Auctions/AP