Layers & Leggings - Creative Cold Weather Golf Options

Have you noticed that every few years someone tries to bring leggings back?

Well, I have. I've also noticed that each time they appear... controversy inevitably erupts. ~ The look is definitely debatable... always a wee-bit dodgy.

There are myriad ways to wear leggings, and the fact that they conform so closely to the contours of the body makes them perfect for layering. But not everyone likes (or looks good in) the same kind of layers. And that's where much of the controversy comes in.

Leggings are here again this season, in a big way. The footless tights are finding their way off the American Apparel billboards where they've been provocatively presented on the beautiful young bodies of barely legal hipster chicks for several years now. This fall all kinds of legging styles are marching onto city streets and into suburban neighborhoods... and they don't always end up on perfect bodies. Which can be problematic.

And what about when leggings venture onto golf courses as they did this past weekend at the rain-soaked LPGA Tour Championship? Anna Nordqvist - who won the much delayed tournament today with a stellar 65 - sported a "layered w/leggings" look a couple of times during those blustery days in TX... to decidedly mixed reviews.

Now let it be said that Anna is tall and well proportioned, and any criticism of her outfits certainly can't be blamed on her physique. Personally, I loved the looks, however before the last players were off the The Houstonian's lush fairways, I had received an email with observations that were... less than glowing: ~ "Watching Miyazato and Nordqvist - both look like they could be wearing a body stocking, or at least leggings, with a wrap around skirt. This just looks silly to me...especially when they don't even go all the way to the ankles !!"

OK...I haven't seen Ai Miyazato's version of the look yet but I have a feeling I'll like it as I tend to like most of what she wears.

At first I attributed my friend's unfavorable impressions on his steadfast respect for golf's traditions. He's that type of guy. But when I started asking around I realized that many... if not most... men hate the "layered w/leggings" look.

Take my husband for example. Recently, when I attempted to affect a look similar to one that Korean golfer Jeong Jang wore (above) a couple of years ago, Nick told me I looked... get this... "clownish". Which, of course, I absolutely didn't! After all, what does he know? GolfWeek's awesome Ashleigh Korzack cited Anna's outfit as a "Look of the Week". ~ Then on Facebook I found dozens of groups that dealt with the pros and cons of leggings... and that's where I became convinced that "legging lust" and "legging loathing" are largely Mars/Venus-based reactions.

So I like the look and I think it's a great way to get creative with your golf outfit on a chilly day, but what's your opinion of leggings on a golf course ...on the ladies of the LPGA and/or on reacreational golfers? And what about layering like Anna did with the adorable (IMHO) Puma skirts? What do you think? Awesome, acceptable or a categoric no?
Photos: Getty Images