Kingston Heath Golf Fans Catch a (glimpse of) Tiger

Practicing today at Melbourne's Kingston Heath Golf Course, Tiger Woods wore a lime green shirt and an easy smile. He signed autographs and thanked the Australian fans for their kindness... and for their understanding of the game of golf.

The man described by Chinese journalists as cold-blooded and grave had clearly shaken off the Shanghai blues. Today he warmly heaped praise on everything from the local population's appreciation of a good golf shot to the Kingston Heath bunkers.

A crowd of thousands was on hand when Mr. Woods arrived at the course several hours ago for his nine hole practice round, on a sweltering, early summer day. Later during a press conference he briefly addressed his less-than-stellar Sunday in Shanghai as, " of those things where you just go ahead and move on." Fortunately it looks like Tiger has done just that and the organizers of this tournament have amped up security and in an attempt to avoid the cellphone-camera madness that some say marred the Shanghai Champions they've instituted a course-wide ban on cellphones and cameras. Which we all know won't deter golf bloggers whose credentials didn't come through everyone, but will surely eliminate some of the superfluous shutterbugs, and... one hopes... keep Tiger happy.

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Upper photograph: William West/ Getty Images, Lower photograph:via Golf365