New Tiger Woods Residence Gets Mixed Reviews


Granted the place is still under construction, however judging from current appearances, this modest abode is far more likely to grace the pages of Golf Digest than Architectural Digest.

It's the first look most have gotten at the future Jupiter Island home of the Woods family, and in its current state it's hard not to agree with The Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet when he describes 9,700 square ft. structure as looking like "a cross between and Motel 6 and a beach side nursing home".

According to Mr. Lambiet's sources the project is actually being overseen by Mrs. Woods. Which sort of makes sense as the gorgeous Elin Nordegren is Swedish, and contemporary Swedish design tends to be quite... minimalist. Think: IKEA. See what I mean? It makes sense.

The thing is, once the landscaping is done and that big, old, dusty parking lot has been transformed into a fabulous pool/spa surrounded by a lush green lawn... perhaps featuring a pristine putting green... it'll surely look splendid.

By this time next year I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the cover of Architectural Digest.

Check out Jose Lambiet's Page 2 Live for additional photos.