Dubai Golf - Lee Westwood Wins, Rory McIlroy Reacts

Whatever it was, it worked.

Lee Westwood referred yesterday to a special something he was (or wasn't) doing that was giving him an edge... and an extra jolt of confidence, "There's nothing too secretive or illegal I'm doing, but why talk about it? It's of nobody's importance apart from Billy (his caddie Billy Foster) and mine."

His X-Factor... that's what we called it... still hasn't been revealed, however with Mr. Westwood not only winning, but winning in spectacular fashion, the secret is sure to be much sought after. A course record breaking 64 today, and a total of 23-under 265 translates into a win for Westwood not only at the Dubai World Championship, but also in The Race to Dubai. That means $1.25 million for the tournament win and $1.5 million for the Race (Order of Merit) win.

For a guy who's had some ups and downs since the turn of the century the double win must have felt pretty awesome. The newly crowned champion celebrated by doing some strange things with the two whimsical trophies he was awarded.

Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy, who came to the emirates with a Race to Dubai lead, fell short on his goal: to become the youngest player to win the top European prize since Seve Ballesteros won the order of merit at 19 in 1976.

At one point the youngster's frustration got the better of him and he smashed his club into an advertising sign which must have been fun to watch. Rory ultimately finished six shots behind Lee Westwood in third, with Ross McGowan taking second.

Update: Westwood's Secret Revealed. reports - He had promised to reveal some secrets of his performance if he won, but smiled and stated: “The secret was that there was no secret.

“It was making everybody else think I had a secret when I didn’t really.

“The big turnaround in confidence was catching Billy (his caddie Billy Foster) at the beach party on Tuesday.

“He’d probably just had enough Heineken to tell me what he really thought. He said I’d been paying too much attention to the other people around me.

“He said ’You’ve been out here 16 years, that’s longer than all three of them put together (McIlroy, Martin Kaymer and Ross Fisher were the only players left in the race to be number one) and you’ve won 30 times, which is more than them put together.'

“It’s a terrible word to use because I hate it, but he said ’You’ve got to bully them’. That’s why I’ve been confident all week.”

Photo: Getty Images/Karim Sahib