The Comical Side of a Golf Obsession

We all know someone who's obbsessed with collecting something. Sometimes it's something substantial that resonates wealth and tradition...say Ralph Lauren's historical car collection. More often it's something tacky whimsical like ceramic poodles or pez despeners.

Of course golf memorabilia is a huge category for collectors. So much so that there's an official Golf Collector's Society with over 1400 members from 15 countries, "dedicated to preserving the treasures and traditions of the game of golf". Now I'm not a collector by nature but I have to admit I'm fascinated by old golf stuff. Everything from old hickory shaft clubs to trading cards from the 1950s. Recently however while cruising for retro golf goodies I discovered a niche that seems to be growing in popularity... and it's a really fun one: Golf themed comic book covers.

It seems Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and The Flintstones all enjoyed golf in their day...Archie and Veronica too. And now there are quite a few obsessed scavengers determined collectors focusing in on this niche. As a result prices have gone skyward ...faster than Elroy Jetson's rocket scooter.

Some of the earlier covers now fetch upwards of $25,000, making them as unafforaable as the antique irons I covet. Luckily, there are some great examples to enjoy on-line, and If you're anything like me you'll be fascinated by Barney Rubble's prehistoric Swing and Casper's Ghostly putting skill. What I really impressed me though were the sexy covers from the "True Love" series, one of which is pictured at left. Who knew golf comics could be so salacious?

The problem is, now I really want to read the story.