The Tiger Woods Picture Was Too Good to Be True

I can't help thinking back to those amazing photos that showed the family...loving parents, precious children and the two adorable dogs... all bathed in a soft glow of health, wealth and happiness.

The pictures were undeniably beautiful. They made some people happy and hopeful (reinforcing the belief that perfection was actually possible) while others were annoyed... by that very perfection... as they suspected it was but a well-crafted charade.

The thing is, objectively we realize that no family will ever be perfect, and that we shouldn't seek perfection in the family portraits of athletes, actors or politicians... but it's human nature to do so, and in a sense, it perpetuates the need for those families to maintain an illusion of flawlessess. To some extent it may even encourage the kind of falsity that led to what happened here.

On a personal note, this whole story made me realize just how much those who know me connect me to golf. Virtually every friend or family member I've spoken to over the past four days has started the conversation with some variation of "So what is going on with Tiger Woods?" It was strange, and somewhat amusing. And I'm sure other golf writers and those in golf-related businesses... not to mention professional golfers... experienced something similar.

The fact is, I hate having to say "nobody's perfect" when someone asks me about Tiger Woods, because I never thought that would be the right answer... and never wanted it to be. I'm not an investigative journalist, and I've felt no responsibility to call for confessions or chase down sources and statements. Many others have though, because they see it as their job... which is fine. We live in a voyeuristic world with a voracious appetite for scandal and a collective fascination with the dalliances of celebrities, and there's a market for all manner of media coverage.

At this point, with charges dropped and statements made, I'll simply say that I support Tiger Woods and his beautiful family, because no one can know what goes on in a marriage and no family is perfect... no matter how perfect they may look in a portrait.