OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters - The Looks & Such

So first of all, for an astute recap of Friday's on-course action, head over to Mostly Harmless. ~ With their unique insight, they break it down and make it simple.

You'll also want to spend some time at the Dubai Ladies Masters website and check out the Interviews. I don't know what it is about them... the questions, the way they're transcribed...but whatever it is, they're good. And the Photo Gallery ! That's where I got the shots below, but there are tons more... awesome ones... including lots of fun pics of the noncompetitive events and activities that are part of this great tournament.

Here are a few of the things I liked... or didn't like. Some things I found funny, interesting, whimsical or amazing:

Paula Marti's PUMA outfit. Black + fuchsia = awesome. Extra points for a killer body.

I also like France's Anne-Lise Caudal in this Lacoste look. Same kind of color combination but totally different effect.

This outfit raised quite a few... well, eyebrows among other things... and I've got to say I can see why. It really does push the proverbial skimpiness envelope. And Melissa Reid is a beautiful girl, but lately I think she could use a triple cheeseburger... or three.

OK, what can you say about Michelle Wie? That she always looks amazingly perfect in those Nike outfits? Well that's what I say anyway... every time I see her.

And no one... anywhere... owns a look the way Christina Kim does hers. The thing is, though the basic elements remain consistent, the way she changes it up with color, it always looks totally new and exciting. As if her personality wasn't exciting enough.

On the accessories front, I was impressed by Breanne Loucks' kickin putter cover, and the volunteer who wore a visor over his turban... which is a perfect example of the kind of look that's so uncool it's cool.

And in Dubai, everything takes place against a surreal, skyscraper-studded background.

The final round starts in just a couple of hours.