Sassy Golf Glove - The Perfect Last Minute Gift

Sassy ♬ sās'ē adj.
Etymology: alteration of saucy
1: lively, spirited
2: distinctively smart and stylish
3: impudent

If you've got any Golf Girls on your list who fit that description, you're in luck, because you've just found the perfect gift for her: A Sassy Golf Glove. ~ And in addition to being ultra-cute and one-of-a-kind original it's something you know she'll use... again and again.

There are lots of styles to choose from, every one handmade and embellished with distinctive charms. They arrive in a silvery drawstring gift bag, all ready for holiday gifting.

Sassy Gloves are a snap to order too. Each one is clearly displayed on the Sassy Golf website. And, if you can't decide which one to get for your sassy girl... you can pick up a PayPal gift certificate... right there on the site. There's is still time, but you'll want to act fast to ensure Christmas delivery ...Oh and there's free shipping if you order two or more, so head on over to the Sassy Golf Site and shop for all the Sassy Golf Girls on your list.