Season's Greetings from Golf Girl's Diary ☃


Happy Holidays everyone.

I'd hoped to bring you an awesome holiday video (inspired by Ryan Ballengee's snow angel ouvre) ...with a wintry review of my ultra-sweet SweetSpot putter... but the holidays are hectic and technology is temperamental - and my really nice niece videographer was unable to stop laughing for more than 30 seconds - so I ended up with the unedited indoor segment that's on my you tube channel but definitely not ready for prime time.

You see, FlipCams don't get along too well with Macs I hear... and this was the root of my technical difficulties. We got some awesome footage of the SweetSpot putter in action, before a gallery of snow-people, and hopefully I'll be able to find a way to post it. If not I promise I'll do another SweetSpot review.

In the meantime enjoy the ongoing holidays. I'll be around over the weekend and plan to post photos and video of our holiday party. There's going to be a putting contest with a really... interesting... prize.

A Few Scene from our video shoot.