"Extremely Beautiful Golf Pro", Takemura Makoto

Japanese golf trends... and the alluring golfers who present them... always seem to catch my eye.

Takemura Makoto is one such alluring golfer. And so alluring is she that the Japanese press has labeled her “the extremely beautiful golf Pro”.

Over the past year there's been lots of buzz about a resurgence of golf in Japan. Charismatic young stars Ryo Ishikawa and Ai Miyazato definitively broke through to international audiences in 2009 with an LPGA win at the Evian Masters for Ms. Miyazato and princely performance at the President's Cup for Mr Ishikawa. The recreational game appears to be riding a new wave of popularity in Japan as well.

It seems that Japanese girls in particular, have contributed to this nascent golf boom. So much so that manufacturers are responding in droves with new products targeted to this distinctively stylish demographic.

A bit later today I'll be sharing some of my favorite Japanese-inspired golf trends here.

Update - Created a whole new post for this. That's how inspired I am.