Shakira Hip Rotation Inspires a Golf Conditioning Plan


Camilo Villegas is undoubtedly Colombia's most famous golfer. He's also seen as one of the golf world's sexiest stars. However, there's a new Colombian on the course... one who may not take Mr. Villegas' place on any leader boards, but who can definitely compete in the sexiest golfer category.

Last week awesome Colombian singer Shakira appeared on the George Lopez show and revealed that she was enamored with the game of golf. Mr. Lopez, himself known for hosting tournaments and abusing argyle, presented the the sensual songstress with an ultra-cute, engraved Scotty Cameron putter. (@georgelopez, a prolific Twitterer, dutifully tweeted about it)

The thing about Shakira though, is that what she's best known for as an entertainer is something that plays a very important role in golf: Her hips. Experts always say you get most of the power associated with your golf swing by the proper turning of your hips. ~ If you know that... and you've seen Shakira perform... you'd have to imagine she'd have a facility for the sport. Which got me thinking about my own lackluster game.

After three years, my score generally hovers around 100. I've broken that magic number a few times, but lately it's been languishing closer to 110. So... this year I'm committed to using the "inevitable 2-4 month New England off-season" to get my skills and my body into optimum shape for Spring 2010.

I'll be working on my golf at an awesome indoor facility in my area and I'll doing a targeted daily workout routine that's inspired by Shakira and her Middle Eastern dance moves. ~ My goal is core conditioning, improved flexibility, balance and.... hip rotation. ~ The best part is that belly dancing is fun, so there's a chance I might actually stick with this plan.

Now if I can find that Halloween costume from a couple of years ago I'll be good to go.