The Abu Dhabi Championship - Masterful Molinaris

"Once you're lucky, twice you're good."

That's the title of an awesome book by tech writer, Sarah Lacy. The book is about Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, but for my purposes it applies to Francesco Molinari and his hole-in-one at the Abu Dhabi Championship yesterday. He accomplished it at the 174 yard fourth hole using his 7-iron. And it was his second such feat. The first one was a couple of years ago at the 2008 Malaysian Open. So yes, no doubt it, he's good. And so is his brother Edoardo. But then you knew that because I've written about the talented Italian brothers on myriad occasions.

It's just about 2:30AM right now here in New England but it's already 11:30AM in Abu Dhabi and the third round is already underway. Both Molinaris are currently in contention, with Francesco's ace helping into a tie for 14th while Edoardo is part of a tie for 9th.

The brothers are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and they'll be a welcome presence in Augusta this April.

Photo: Ross Kinnaird /Getty Images