Golf - Awesome - Thanks - Play - Sergio


Tweet Cloud
is a whimsical new time suck Twitter word-cloud-generator.

Unlike other such gadgets Tweet Cloud allows you to choose a day, week, month or year of your Twitter conversations, which it then aggregates and ... um... regurgitates as a cute multi-colored, word cloud, containing the words you've used most over the chosen period.

My tweets... over the past year... are represented by the cloud above. Top five words, ordered by most used: golf, awesome, thanks, play, sergio. (As a result, I've resolved to give up Sergio and stop over-using awesome).

Tweet Cloud
seems to have an uncanny way of telling you things about yourself that you didn't know you knew. If you know what I mean? If not, give it try.

Tweet Cloud was created by Chad Scira and I discovered it via the awesome wonderful Julia Roy.