A New Year and a Wealth of Wonderful Golf Shots


Here in the US many of us are in an golf-adverse-deep-freeze right now.

Southwestern Connecticut is currently enjoying temperatures of about 22°/5°, with a moderate breeze that makes it feel several degrees cooler. {{Shiver}}. And that's nothing compared to what's going on in Minneapolis. Out there it's 1°/-17°. Factor in wind chill for something like -10°/-23°! Or "cold enough to freeze the snowballs off a snowman" as a reader from that area described the conditions, using a creative variation of the brass monkey cliche.

Even Floridians are experiencing a chill as it's feeling 44°/6°ish right now.

And the Arctic blast is meant to last, according to The Weather Channel, with more frozen air on its way tomorrow.

So it's probably the perfect time for what I'm going to propose... and that's a visit to the most awesome and entertaining golf photo gallery I know of: Patrick Micheletti's One Shot, One Day it's a golf photoblog and it's superlative. Period.

I've written about Patrick in the past, and every time I revisit his site I'm amazed. He captures the emotion of golf like no one else. His body of work encompasses the major stars, as well as the fascinating lesser known players who struggle week after week on the various tours. He also captures the kind of unique day-to-day details that go unnoticed by most golf photographers. And then there's the stunning scenery... at some of the world's most spectacular courses.

So if you're currently lamenting the low temperatures, lack of golf opportunities and long weeks of winter that lie ahead... or even if you're not... you should visit (or revisit) One Shot, One Day. It'll warm your spirits. That's for sure.