Golf Storage Solutions For Your Winter Respite

I know... early January isn't prime shopping season, but it's often a good time to pick up bargains.

I'm not talking about Christmas sweaters or Chia Pets. I'm talking about useful things that enhance your life... and may even help you me keep that New Year's resolution to be more organized.

Like the Two Bag Golf Organizer I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You see, I tend to toss my golf bag in the closet or maybe drag it out to the garage. Either way it often gets bumped into and pushed around, and usually ends up dejectedly laying down on the floor taking up altogether too much space. My gloves, tees, balls, etc? They end up in random locations... drawers or storage bins.

This is where the metal storage unit helps out. With two compartments for golf bags and wire baskets to hold balls, tees, and accessories, it keeps all your gear in one compact place. It's an excellent way to store golf equipment throughout the year... and especially during the winter respite we New England golfers reluctantly take round about now.

It's always a pleasure to take those clubs out again at the end of March, but it'll be even better knowing everything's in one neat place.