Rickie, Ryo & A Rainbow Over Pebble Beach

Attractive young professional golfers Rickie Fowler and Ryo Ishikawa, will be joined by attractive young actors Chris O'Donell and Lucas Black tomorrow morning for a round of golf at Monterrey Peninsula Country Club.

The fetching foursome has an 8:33 tee time for the first round of 2010 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. To find them you'll probably want to look for an ambulating mix of teenage girls and Japanese photographers. It'll be quite interesting to see how the two future stars interact, as they'll almost certainly be playing together for years to come.

But Rickie and Ryo aren't the only ones who'll attract attention, in fact there are quite a number of provocative pairings. Sergio Garcia will be playing with Josh Duhamel who happens to be a friend of his... and who's own "he cheated with a stripper" adventure has been giving Tiger Woods some competition in the tabloids of late. Then there'll be Cowboys uber-fan John Daly and Tony Romo. They'll attract a crowd even if they don't wear matching Loudmouths.

Some lamented a lack of big name celebrities, longing for the legendary days of Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Jack Lemmon... and Jack Daniels. Clearly "stars" were "stars" back then... in a way they just aren't these days. The popularity of reality shows and cable series has seen to that. But the golf course on the shores of Pebble Beach is still as incredibly beautiful as ever and it'll be fun to watch young golfers Ryo and Rickie play there for the first of what will certainly be many times.

This morning an awesome Japanese reader sent me this link to a clip showing Ryo playing a practice round on the misty seaside course with a rainbow overhead. The young champion looked tired, almost jaded as he walked the wet fairways. But then his group comes to a clearing and discovers a small herd of deer... and a few seconds later a hawk suddenly takes wing in front of them. And that short clip perfectly illustrates the lasting beauty of golf at Pebble Beach.