A Facebook Friend's Pebble Beach Ryo Sighting

The Monterey Peninsula was chilly and gray for much of day yesterday. It rained on and off, and many of those practicing... or playing in the ProAm... wore dark, non-descript rain gear.

Then there was Ryo... wearing the brightest shade of yellow ever seen anywhere in the universe.

Trailed by photographers... and journalists scribbling on their little pads... it wasn't difficult to locate the youthful Japanese superstar. If you knew what to look for, as my Facebook friend, Jean-henri Bernard clearly did.

Jean-henri, who pens VraideVrai, a fun and fascinating French blog about his own ultra-global golf adventures, easily located the Bashful Prince. Predictably, Ryo was surrounded by soggy scribes and wet, camera wielding fans... and to me it looks like he might justbe getting a bit weary of the whole media circus thing.

But he still cut a dashing figure in the Monterey mist and the awesome Jean-henri generously sent me some photographic evidence of such. My relentless and effusive succinct Ryo-centric Facebook wallposts evidently gave Mr. Bernard the impression I was obsessed with the Japanese star and his stunning sense of style... which is somewhat true an exaggeration. There are additional funny unique photos on VraideVrai of this event and the other amazing, golf tournaments this intrepid golf traveler has attended.

And that's what I love about Social Media. You meet people you would never have ever met in the "real world"... and see things you'd never have seen.

And it sure adds another dimension to a Connecticut snow day.