When Tiger Talks - The Long-Awaited Apology


I hate weepy public apologies.

I don't care who did what to who, I don't care if the mea culpa is coming from a male or female, and I don't care what's at stake. I just hate them.

Even if they're sincere... which they certainly sometimes are... the on-camera tears make them seem contrived and superfluous and the well-documented sobs always detract from the seriousness.

So I hope that's not what happens on Friday, when Tiger talks.

... And I don't think it will be. After all, he's not going to go on Oprah, as some suggested he should. ESPN's Rick Reilly, was one of them, and the award-winning journalist, known in some circles as a Overpaid Millionaire Hack, went on to suggest that Tiger needed to say something like: "I'm Tiger Woods and I was addicted to sex".

There are some embittered old blowhards veteran golf writers, like Reilly... and the indignantly outraged Alex Miceli... who are harboring years of pent-up anger against Tiger Woods for the ultra-limited access he's always given them... and there are certain golf bloggers who saw a surge relative uptick in their traffic when this story broke... latched onto it... and don't want it to see it fizzle out in a carefully crafted 15 minute statement. Some of these folks want to see tears and anguish, they want to be able to question Tiger Woods about each alleged mistress or each event on the Tiger time-lines they've been posting since early December.

However, from what I've seen and heard, the majority of golf fans aren't interested in the salacious stories of extramarital escapades, they don't want protracted apologies, they really don't feel that Tiger Woods owes them anything. The true golf fans just want him to get this over with, and start playing golf again. Sooner rather than later.

Jen Wang and Diana Nguyen, the amazing ladies of, said it well. As usual. female golf pundit Patricia Hannigan