Enviable Assets : Sophie Sandolo's Golf and Glamour

Here in the US, many know Sophie Sandolo from Big Break Kaanapali. Others are admirers of her calendars which have featured elegant, erotic photography... and liberal amounts of artful nudity, since 2005, years before the arrival of the ESPN Magazine "body issue".

I wrote about Sophie back in December of 2007. She had just published her 2008 calendar and was again ahead of the curve. She had dedicated it to "Golf in the Olympics" at that point, still a distant dream.

As the 2010 golf season gets underway... with golf firmly in place as an Olympic sport and the golf-nudity barrier flatly demolished by three LPGA players and a golf cart... Sophie Sandolo is heading to Morocco for the Lalla Meryem Cup, an event she won in 2006.

Back injuries kept Sophie off the fairways for much of 2009 but after carding a couple of 65s at the (awesome) Omnium de la Riviera last week, it appears the fetching, forward-thinking, French-Italian golf girl is back on course in 2010.

And... you can get the latest Sophie news at her website ...and you can follow her on Facebook.
by golf pundit and author of a new book, Patricia Hannigan