Tiger's Return & The Awesomeness of Angel Cabrera

From the moment speculation began that Tiger might be making his return at the Masters, there were those who lamented the possibility.

The sanctimonious have suggested that repentance requires more than a few months, while expounding on the evils of adultery, while some players have implied that an Augusta comeback might hurt the hallowed tournament by turning it into a Tiger-centric, tabloid feeding frenzy.

But Angel Cabrera, the reigning king of Augusta National and one of the coolest, classiest golfers on the planet is not complaining. Admittedly Mr. Cabrera is not the complaining type in general, but on this subject he's quite clear; he's been expressing his hopes of a Tiger return at Masters for a couple of weeks now. ~ The way the Argentine champion put it, Tiger "...makes these tournaments immensely special just through his sheer talent and control over the game."

So folks, it might be wise to get over your righteous indignation and suppress your fears of thunder-stealing because Angel Cabrera is the boss of the green jacket... for at least a couple more weeks... and what he says, goes.