Golf, Gaming & Much More: Harrah's Total Experience

Ah, the group trip.

It could be a destination wedding, or a mancation... a girlfriend getaway or a family reunion, if you've ever gotten stuck having to had to plan one you know the dilemma. Once you've been designated the as the ringleader you quickly discover each member of your group is on a slightly different page... maybe even a different chapter... and you realize the old adage "you can't please everyone" just doesn't cut it when your talking about someone's vacation.

And when you want add golf into the mix... for some or all of your group... especially in place like Vegas or AC... the stressfulness is multiplied. Because your group is counting on you for the best course, the easiest access and the most impeccable service... plus all the accouterments of an awesome group golf trip.

And that's where Harrah's Total Experience... comes in. It's a free program that'll free you from the pressures of planning that group trip. Total Experience and Total Golf Experience offer an extraordinary level of service, planning and assistance... including myriad VIP privileges not... for any group of six or more. ~ Here's how it works: you get your own a Total Experience Specialist. An insider who knows the lay of the land and takes care of everything. Then adds lots of extras, and makes sure it's all perfect... you end up with none of the stress, and all the credit... and a really happy group.

The Total Experience website gives you all the details and gets you started. So you don't have to dread the ringleader role when your next group trip comes up. In fact you can relish it.