PUMA Buys Cobra ... and Jochen Zeitz is Awesome

With all the golf clothes I have... and I have tons... I'll rarely hit the course without some PUMA on.

I've golf four pairs of PUMA golf shoes... though one's been in my sister's possession since last July when I lent it to her for the PUMA open. For some reason, I can't get her to give them back, though I've asked repeatedly.

I love my PUMA Belts too and the skirts, pants, shirts... everything reflects a color pallet that's anything but traditional. Plus the way the pieces are cut and the hardware. What it all adds up to is... I tend to feel empowered in PUMA.

The PUMA brand is as innovative and appealing and cool as its chairman, Jochen Zeitz, who's been called the golden boy of global branding, and who's taken PUMA from a losing proposition to a global powerhouse.

Those of us with a passion for golf have got to be happy that Herr Zeitz is committed to the golf category. So committed in fact, that his PUMA has just announced it will acquire innovative golf equipment brand Cobra - the inventor the original hybrid club. Recent PGA Tour winners Camillo Villegas and Ian Poulter, will presumably come with the brand.

But the thing I like most about PUMA... and about Jochen Zeitz, the man... is the commitment to causes... to world peace and the elimination of hunger... and much more. In fact PUMA has an in-house charity organization founded and run by employees... and supported by PUMA management. The stated purpose of the organization is "to activate PUMA’s products and the company’s worldwide infrastructure in order to raise money internally in support of people in need". That sounds pretty awesome to me.

Top Photo:Photograph: Timm Schamberger/AFP/Getty Images