Ryo Ishikawa in the Awesomest Golf Outfit... Ever!

I know, I know... he always wears awesome outfits but this one, well... this outfit pushes wow-factor to sizzling new heights.

His bubblegum pants and matching belt are perfectly complemented by the variegated vibrancy of his golf shirt. All Yonex all the time.

I'm not much of a visor fan but no one wears a visor like Ryo. Oh, except for his Ryo Ishikawa headcover.

My good friend Greg Moore took the photo especially for me at Bay Hill this morning. Greg's been there documenting the past few days, and has done an amazing job with candid shots that capture players in the more relaxed atmosphere of ProAms and practice rounds. He's also discovered some interesting new accessories the pros are trying out and shares them on Twitpics. You can follow @gdm43pga on Twitter to get his frequent and fascinating updates.

As for Ryo, after a bit of a tough week last week I'm sure he's looking forward to getting out and turning it around... because we all know his game can be every bit as awesome and exciting as his outfits. And in Ryo's case, that's really saying something.