Front Row Experience - Swing With the LPGA Stars

If you're like me, one of the things you love about golf tournaments is watching the players practice.

Whether it's the methodical drills on the putting green or the impressive swing-tuning on the practice range, I find it fascinating to observe the multitude of techniques players and their coaches use and... I'll admit it... I've gleaned quite a few insights (golf and gossip) through artful eavesdropping astute observation at tournament practice areas.

The only downside (and I'm sure lots of you can relate to this) is that anytime I get anywhere near a driving range I inevitably find myself yearning to grab a club and work on my own, less-than-stellar swing. So when I heard about LPGA's Front Row Experience in kind of blew my mind. In the sense that they're making it possible. Really. No more swinging vicariously. ~ Sounds pretty awesome right?

With the Front Row Experience YOU can actually get out there on the range, alongside the pros and... swing.

It's an opportunity to duck under the ropes... without getting thrown out of the tournament. You'll be able to demo new equipment and even receive a FREE 10-minute lesson from an LPGA Teaching Professional, right on the tournament practice range.

It's happening at select days at participating LPGA events, including today at 2:00 at the Kia Classic by J Golf
! There'll be sessions tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday too. And its totally free... just stop by the practice range and they'll sign you up. The Front Row Experience will clearly add a whole new interactive element to a golf tournament.

Tournaments and times are listed on the LPGA website. Oh and it's sponsored by Michelob Ultra which if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know is one of my all time favorite on-course libations.

So if you're anywhere near Carlsbad CA, why not head out to gorgeous La Costa Resort & Spa and swing with the LPGA stars.

Photos: Golf Girl MediaGolf Pundit Patricia Hannigan, for a female perspective on the Tiger Woods scandal.