Sergio Garcia's New Haircut Gets Mixed Reviews

Who'd've guessed Sergio Garcia would create such an endearing social media presence?

A relatively late adopter, he's only been part of the social media landscape since the beginning of the year. Sergio Garcia shares the kind of intimate details fans love to hear... but don't often get from athletes or actors. ~ He posts lots of photos too... snapshots actually, the kind we all take these days.

His fan page reveals a lifestyle that... not surprisingly... revolves around golf, but which also includes lots of normal stuff. He hangs out with friends, cooks, works out, goes to restaurants. And he babysits. In fact it's pretty obvious Sergio loves kids. (ladies with dreams of a white picket fence, take note)

A couple of days ago Señor Garcia got a haircut and promptly posted the results of Facebook and Twitter. It's a distinctive look ... kind of Jersey Shore meets PeeWee Herman, and not everyone likes it. But many do, myself included {shocking!}. There are over 85 comments so far, ranging from the admiring; "Anything looks good on you!","Me Gusta" and "Yum!" to the rather less definitive; "Hmmm, not so sure I love it."

The thing is, whether Sergio's social media presence is being handled entirely by Sergio himself, or by a PR team, it's being done effectively.

For now the Masters is upon us and some of us remember Sergio's... um... issues there last year. Let's hope he can avoid such things next week. In any case I'm guessing we might get more of an inside look this year, thanks to the new-found social media savvy of a certain Spanish golfer.

BTW, I've got him winning, as I always do. ...and I'm not the only one.