Stylish Seo Wins at The Kia Classic by J Golf


Hee Kyung Seo is trying to decide:

Should she grab the chance to join the LPGA full time in 2010, or just keep focused on the KLPGA?

After winning The Kia Classic yesterday with a 12-under 276, that decision has become somewhat more pressing. She even suggested there was a house on the course at La Costa she had her eye on. She played on a sponsor's exemption there and won quite handily.

And {predictable superficiality alert!} she wore four amazing outfits doing it.

Other news from the Kia Classic... There was an incident with Michelle Wie. That sounds so 2007-2008, doesn't it? Remember when every summer weekend brought such headlines?

Anyway this mini-drama involved rules officials and a water hazard in the final round... and it certainly brought the hibernating Wie-haters out of the woodwork.

As a recreational golfer who hasn't yet played in many competitive situations, I have to admit, there are many golf rules that I don't fully understand, this being one of them. For example, the fact that Ms. Wie's club didn't touch the ground until well after she took the shot was confusing to me.

So I'm clearly not in a position to pass judgment on this. ~ But many apparently are, and they collectively chastised Michelle Wie for pleading her case. Commentors chimed in, calling the prodigious LPGA star "childish", "a whiner" and "a spoiled b*#%&". It was enough to make some forget about her stellar play and controversy-free behavior over the past year. Or at least pretend they had forgotten.

That's their perogative. Personally I'm pretty sure this particular Michelle Wie Incident will be an isolated one.Golf Pundit Patricia Hannigan, for a female perspective on the Tiger Woods scandal.
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