Vanilla Villegas - Beneath Camilo's Colorful Exterior

At first glance, Honda Classic winner Camilo Villegas is as far from vanilla as it gets.

Exotic, unique and anything-but-bland Is how most would describe him. His lean, stylish, close-to-the-body fashion statements combined with a powerful physical game draw immediate attention... then of course there's the idiosyncratic, hyper-extended putting posture that's earned him his "Hombre Araña" nickname. And after a less than stellar 2009 Spidey is off to a sizzling 2010 start.

It all comes together to make Camilo Villegas the perfect poster boy for the group collectively known as the "The Hot New Young Guns of Golf". You know, the up-and-coming-under-30s we're counting on to save the game with their astounding skills and pronounced personalities. It's that last part... the personality part... that Jason Sobel mused about yesterday in his Weekly 18.

"Let's spice it up, Camilo." ~That's what Mr. Sobel suggests, pointing out that the ostensibly flamboyant Latino appears to have a personality that's downright... dull.

I'd noticed the same thing many times over the years and always attributed it to shyness, but in retrospect... after reading the Sobel piece... I realize it may go beyond that. It may be that despite an outward appearance that would suggest a penchant for la vida loca, this young Latino is singularly focused on the game. And that's perfectly OK.

When you're Camilo Villegas you can probably get away with that.

Top Photo:Sam Greenwood/Getty Images